#WCW: Helena Coggan

#WCW: Helena Coggan (Wed., April 29, 2015)

Helena Coggan
Helena Coggan

The truth is, every person who has ever been fortunate enough to live has a story inside them. Our lives are comprised of witty anecdotes, heart wrenching tales, a fantastical dream that sounds too crazy to share with a friend, or hellish experiences that simply seem like “just life” to the one living through it, but is a bookish adventure to an outsider looking in. That being said, a person’s age doesn’t determine whether or not a story is worth being told; it’s the delivery of the tale, the interpretation of the ordeal, or the imagination of the storyteller. For this simple reason, GirlSpire is #girlspired by fifteen-year old London native, Helena Coggan. She is our #WCW.

By age six, Coggan already believed that writing a novel was the epitome of success. She began writing her debut novel at age thirteen, and now, at fifteen, is a published author. Her debut novel, The Catalyst, is a fantastical young adult fiction novel about the Gifted and mere mortals. The main character, Rose is a rare hybrid, who changes into a monster at times, but unfortunately, she has no control over when. Rose, along with her adoptive father, struggle to keep their true identity secret. By reading The Catalyst, it is impossible to tell that it wasn’t written by a seasoned writer.

It’s clear to see that The Catalyst is just the beginning of a phenomenal career for a phenomenal young woman.


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