Too Strong to Bail: How to Increase Your Involvement in Politics

By Billie Lafty Even before the Democratic and Republican nominations for the 2016 United States presidential election were officially announced, tensions were high on both sides over the potential outcome. Now that the election has passed, an overwhelming cloud of fear and uncertainty has creeped its way across the states, resulting in panicked protests for those…

Calling All Girls: It’s Time to Participate in School

By Laura Nunez Project GirlSpire is calling all girls – young, old, first graders to college seniors This year is YOUR year to shine. It’s been a month or two since you’ve wiped the cobwebs from your composition books, strapped on your trendy new messenger bag, and shrugged into the squeaky desk back at school….

From 10,000 Women to 10,000 Books

By Sang Kromah When you grow up in a refugee camp, your outlook on the world outside your natural habitat tends to differ quite drastically from your peers. Factor in the fact that this refugee camp is a suburban single family home in a development of yuppies, and you have the makings for reality TV…

Woman of Color

By Mallory Walker Three years ago, I was standing in line at a special graduation ceremony—one that honored my school’s African-American students—when one of my classmates turned around, looked straight at me and said, “If you’re black, you’re always black, not just when it’s convenient.” As stinging as those words were, my classmate was right….

How a Family’s Love Makes Everything OK

By Ashley Begley I’m not gonna lie—it’s hard for me to write this. I think, in part, because I’ve spent so much time protecting myself and my family from the notorious sideways glances and unmistakable whispers about us. Why, you ask, would anyone side-eye such a gorgeous family? Good question. You see, my family is…


Don’t answer to a name that is not your own,

Nor should you condone the injustice


Now it is your time to rise

Not it is your time to step into the light

You’ve been in the shadows long enough

Now your season of rest and season of success begins

Thank you mom

Mother’s deserve to be appreciated and respected every day!

Documentaries Directed and Produced by Women Streaming on Netflix Now

The Punk Singer is a walk down 90s grunge memory lane, with old home videos, images of  fanzines handmade by clippings from magazines, interviews and recordings of live shows, all telling the story of Kathleen Hanna: the fiery, black-haired frontwoman of Olympia-based band Bikini Kill. Filmmaker Sini Anderson alternates between Kathleen Hanna’s high pitched wailing…

Prelude to Sympathy…

Prelude to Sympathy For the Devil By: Sang Kromah and Moh Kromah The thing about revenge is that if executed properly, the one on the receiving end of the vengeful act never sees it coming. Zahra was never the type with dreams of grandeur. Dreaming meant setting the stage for disappointment, and from past experiences, there…