What Hailee Steinfeld’s EP “Haiz” Says About Female Empowerment

By Raquel Geylman

Hailee Steinfeld first won over our hearts in Pitch Perfect 2 as Emily, the newest Barden Bella. Although in the movie she seems innocent and boy-shy, her EP Haiz is the complete opposite. Her hit single “Love Myself” sounds like the anthem of confidence and independence, but it’s much more than just that (*insert winky face here*).


Yes, the song’s lyrics do touch upon being a strong independent woman, but every line is basically a play on masturbation. Steinfeld got a lot of heat about her new anthem, but I say it’s about time somebody started celebrating female self-empowerment! The idea that women want to enjoy the same pleasures as men is so taboo that when an amazingly catchy song is written about it, everyone is shocked. Steinfeld is a young, up-and-coming singer and actress, and we should celebrate her for being herself and making music that she feels is important. In a recent interview, Steinfeld addressed the controversy surrounding her song and said, “I think for me the song just has a really strong self-empowerment message, and whether you take that as something physical or not, it basically means the same thing … It’s about being able to provide for yourself and knowing how much power there is in that.”


Once the talk about Love Myself became idle chit-chat, Steinfeld released another song called “Starving”. The new love song, which starts with the main line, “I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you” definitely put Steinfeld’s name out there. “Starving” even became a Summer 2016 hit song.

After the single became #1 almost all over the world, people were no longer surprised by its sexual innuendos. Steinfeld certainly broke a gender barrier with “Love Myself” and “Starving”, and we at Project GirlSpire totally respect her for it.

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