Denied Entrance into Six Flags… For Wearing a T-shirt

By Niraja Surendran

When 22-year-old Bina Ramesh went to celebrate her birthday a few weeks ago at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, she was asked to change her clothes by a security guard who felt that her attire was inappropriate and incompliant with the family-friendly standards set forth by the company.


Ramesh was wearing a V-neck t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts – an outfit common in the hot, summer weather. Ramesh had been admitted into the park earlier that day by a female security guard, but needed to leave after forgetting something in her car. When she returned from her car, the metal detectors began to beep, and she assumed the security guard approaching her was about to clear the problem. However, she was shocked to realize her assumption was far from true; instead, the guard prohibited her from reentering Six Flags. He suggested she could purchase a shirt from inside the park, but Ramesh didn’t wish to spend extra money on Six Flags merchandise.

Upset and embarrassed, Ramesh nearly left before coming up with an idea to regain entrance into the park. She decided, as a last-ditch attempt, to try switching shirts with a male friend. The same security guard let Ramesh and her friend in, with Ramesh sporting her friend’s crew-neck T-shirt, and he her V-neck T-shirt. Although Ramesh was able to enjoy the rest of her day inside the theme park, she still couldn’t shake off the discomfort she felt while almost being kicked out.

Ramesh’s issue has received attention from many prominent blogs and news sites and has also taken social media by storm, receiving hundreds of likes on Facebook. Ramesh lamented about the injustice of her situation in her post, admitting that as a female, she felt inferior to her male counterparts since she was not able to adorn the same clothes as them. She claims that she was more modestly dressed than some of the men who were permitted to enter Six Flags when she was denied access, as many men were wearing very openly cut muscle tanks that showcased their sides and entire chests. She questions why these men were able to gain entrance into the park without a second glance, while women like her were so harshly scrutinized for their appearances and clothing choices. Fortunately, Ramesh’s experience has caused Americans to reconsider the double standards and underlying sexism that still exist in their country, allowing them to take the first step in solving the issue.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.05.49 PM

Ramesh’s dilemma has prompted a Six Flags’ spokeswoman, Kaitlyn Pitts, to issue a statement apologizing for the inconvenience this incident has caused Ramesh and her friends. Bina Ramesh only hopes that the theme park will make changes to ensure that similar repercussions won’t be impressed upon women across the country for the clothes they choose to wear.



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