What Jennifer Aniston Taught Us About Body Shaming

By Niraja Surendran


Jennifer Aniston is a well-known and respected actress, notably known for appearing in the television sitcom Friends. The lovable 47-year-old has now also put a foot forward for feminism, posting a piece on the Huffington Post titled “For The Record”, which powerfully addresses heavy topics, including body shaming and motherhood. In her open letter, Aniston confirms that she is not pregnant (contrary to many rumors) and declares that she does not have to be a mother to feel content with her life. Aniston also tackles the body shaming that many women face in today’s society, condemning the intense, dehumanizing scrutiny of female bodies. Even more importantly, she laments the negativity that body shaming injects into the minds of young girls, specifically the idea that one can only be beautiful if one is thin.


Jennifer Aniston is only one of many celebrities and “everyday” women who consistently face body shaming. In her article, she encourages readers to ignore the falsehoods that tabloids and the media spread. Though some wholeheartedly embrace her message, others question whether tabloids are really to blame for the “fat-phobic” culture that is rooted within America. After all, many believe responsibility should be placed on Hollywood itself. Nonetheless, Aniston fervently declares that a woman’s gender should not limit or define her, criticizing the gender stereotypes many Americans still cling onto. She states that every woman should love herself for who she is and not who other people expect her to be. Aniston has also inspired children across the globe with her piece, insisting that they should never let anyone make them feel as though they are unworthy, as she herself has struggled with episodes of self-doubt throughout her life.

Aniston is undoubtedly an amazing, strong feminist. Her unwavering voice and dedication to women’s rights has inspired many, including myself. You can read her article, “For The Record,” and join her fight against body shaming and gender stereotypes at the following link (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/for-the-record_us_57855586e4b03fc3ee4e626f), where you can also take part in a Huffington Post poll regarding the best way for our country to shift from a “fatphobic” culture to one that regards all body types with positivity.


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