Girls in Tech? Hell yes!

By Claire Gillepsie

Because Project GirlSpire wants YOU to go into tech, here’s a few incredible role models for you to follow:

  1. Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus Londonphoto

Campus London is a physical and virtual “space” operated by Google that provides resources and communication opportunities for anyone looking to transform their ideas (business or academic) into reality. Campus London doesn’t just provide information – it also regularly holds classes and webinars on everything from the most effective research method to meditation techniques. Drinkwater is also a mentor for Girls in Tech London, which aims to mentor women with tech skills and help them get the jobs they want as well as encourage more women to enter the tech field.

  1. Shami Chakrabarti, Former Director of LibertyShami

Though Liberty’s role as a human rights organization extends well beyond the online arena, it is in the field of digital rights that the organization became a civil society leader. In order to develop a comprehensive human rights policy for the online and tech world, Chakrabarti needed to stay consistently ahead of the curve on the latest developments in tech. She also ensured that Liberty promoted access to tech and the Internet for the most disadvantaged groups across the world.

  1. Reshma Sohoni, Co-founder and partner at Seedcampunnamed-11

Seedcamp is an investment fund that prioritizes pre-seed and seed stage startups to give them the financial backing they need to get off the ground. In addition, Seedcamp provides mentoring and networking opportunities for industry leaders who want to use their expertise to help new entrants to the market. Seedcamp is especially proactive in Europe, helping startups across the region reach a worldwide market. Sohoni helped start the company in 2007, and continues to be dedicated to the company’s values of transparency, mentoring and participating in (well-judged) risk-taking.

  1. Caterina Fake, Founder and CEO of Findery, Cofounder of Flickr and HunchCaterina Fake of Yahoo!

After taking an indirect route to the tech industry, Fake quickly became one of the giants in the market. She cofounded both Flickr and Hunch, sits on the board of Etsy, and recently joined startup Findery – a digital application that allows its users to leave notes for everyone who visits that location. Like most of the women in our list, she didn’t see tech as part of her career trajectory but has excelled in the industry nonetheless.

  1. Legacy Russell, Gallery Relations for Artsy

Artsy is an online platform that allows people to connect with art they love, whether it be in galleries, exhibitions, or private collections. Russell is the company’s Head of Gallery Relations – she develops Artsy’s presence in the arts industry and heads new initiatives by the platform. In addition to working on making art more accessible to people across the world, Russell is also developing new cutting-edge ways to connect people with institutions across the UK.


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