#BookReview: Timebound (The Chronos Files)

By Anne Jorgenson


Kate Pierce-Keller, the main character of Timebound, is a sixteen-year-old girl living with her mom in Washington D.C. When her estranged grandmother arrives, asking to spend more time with her, Kate is put into a precarious position. She wants to get to know her grandmother, but Kate’s mom isn’t exactly ecstatic about the idea.

In one of those “get to know you” type of get-togethers, Kate’s grandmother tells her that time travel is real. Naturally, Kate just assumes that her grandmother is a delusional old bat until something in the past changes and ends up altering Kate’s whole world. The medallion her grandmother tried to convince her was the key to time travel is the only thing protecting Kate from blinking out of existence. Now, Kate has to travel back and forth from the present to the past with the help of her grandmother, Katherine, and a few trusted friends in order to get the timeline back on track.

There are two heartthrobs in this novel, and the love triangle gets SO complicated. Since there are alternate timelines, there are alternate Kate’s and alternate boys she’s been with and it does get as complicated and weird as you think it will. Yes, it’s confusing, but it’s confusing in the best way possible.


This gif is honestly the most accurate representation you’ll get of this book. Actually I’ll be honest, it’s an epitome of the whole series.

And the book itself is absolutely amazing. If you like well-written fiction with a hint of YA love triangle and strong female lead, you’ll love this big. What Kate has to go through to set her timeline back on track is definitely something that would mess with you. She has to not only avoid her past self but also deal with all the consequences of the different timelines and actions she takes.

This series also gives you perspective because there are so many discrepancies that you don’t even consider in your day-to-day routine, and when you take those and closely examine them and the consequences they can have, you will be surprised by what can happen.

Despite all the responsibility thrust upon Kate and the hardships she goes through, she perseveres. She’s such a wonderfully believable lead because she’s human but at the same time so respectable. Walker did such an amazing job at actually making the storyline and characters believable. Plus, Kate is just kick-ass, and she’s a girl. I mean, what else do you even look for in a book character?

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