#TVRecap: Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”

By Anne Jorgenson


One of the most recent Netflix originals, Marvel’s Jessica Jones focuses on female detective and people-helper Jessica Jones. She may have a prickly personality and a weird way of showing her love, but she always looks out for the underdog and does what she can to help.  

The show starts with Jones in a horrible traffic accident. Though Trish Walker, a child star, and her mother adopts Jones, she is changed forever – she now has magical powers. But Mrs. Walker doesn’t adopt Jessica out of pure philanthropy – she hopes the publicity of Jones’ adoption would shoot Trish that much closer to stardom.

With a tragic backstory that led to super strength, near invulnerability, and flight, Jones attempts to figure out her powers with the help of Trish and tries to become a superhero.

After her attempt to become a full-fledged superhero fails,  Jones soon meets someone else with a superpower – Kilgrave, portrayed by David Tenant in the show. A man with a twisted set of moral codes, Kilgrave uses his powers of mind control to essentially kidnap Jones for eight months, forcing her to accompany him in every aspect of his life.


After one particularly horrible incident Kilgrave forces her to partake in, Jessica manages to escape his control, finally separating her will from his. Now free, Jessica opens her own private detective agency, Alias Investigations, to use her superpowers to help others.

After one missing person case comes to her desk, Jones is thrown back into the thick of the superhuman world, and for an amazing 13 episodes, we get to go along with her on that journey.

Jessica Jones is most likely a classifiable alcoholic, with the guilt and emotional stunting that a therapist could build his or her retirement fund on. Yet despite her badass personality, she still manages to be a good person at the core.

She tries her damn hardest to help the people that need it the most, aiding her neighbors and investing heavily in her cases. Damaged though she may be, Jessica Jones is on the path to forgiving herself, and it’s cool to see a character still in the throes of things like she is. She’s not perfect, but she’s doing what she can where she is.


Not to mention her best friend Trish Walker. Despite all the pressure she has to go through as  a child star, Trish manages to get through her hardships, including her mother’s abuse, and be a successful, healthy person.

Both Jessica and Trish managed to free themselves from their abusers, look back on what happened, and know that none of it was their fault. While they both deal with that knowledge differently, they manage to help others based off of that experience, and that’s important for people to see.


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