Women’s History Month: 5 Female CEO’s Heading Fortune 500 Companies

By Marissa Eller

Picture your typical big-business CEO. Is your person of interest is tall, confident, commanding, and…male? If I just described your CEO stereotype perfectly, don’t be ashamed; you’re not alone. Most of us consider CEOs, especially those of large, Fortune 500 companies, to be strongly masculine figures. And while the CEO job title is still male predominant, women are slowly catching up and evening the numbers out. These women may not be male, but they do exhibit the same professionalism, strength and poise in their jobs, and they inspire young girls to not think of any job as “too masculine.”

  1. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motorsbarra-cover-e1401282285896

A wife and mother of two, Mary proves that a successful career does not have to come at the cost of a family life. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Stanford University and is the first woman ever to head a Big 8 automaker. Known for her business-savvy financial decisions, Mary is never afraid to step on a few toes on her way up the ladder.

  1. Meg Whitman, president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP)0521_forbes-cover-061013-power-women-meg-whitman-hp_798x1045.jpg

Similarly to Mary, Meg is a wife and a mother of two. She attended Princeton and then Harvard, gaining business degrees in both universities. Before joining the HP team, she worked for the likes of Disney and Hasbro. Since HP split into two companies in 2015, Whitman has run a company that produces $50 million in revenue a year. She even chaired the national finance team of former presidential candidate Chris Christie.

  1. Lynn Good, president and CEO of Duke Energylynn-good06*750xx4256-2394-0-0.jpg

A Miami University graduate, Lynn Good has been with Duke Energy since 2003 and had taken over the CEO title in 2013. Since her rise to the CEO chair, Duke Energy has spent millions to build new technology and replace out-of-date thought processes. Lynn has spent her time and energy focusing on making energy more sustainable and putting forward-thinking ideas into practice.

  1. Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo women-test3_236317s

Born in India, Indra heads the second largest food and beverage business in the world by revenue, PepsiCo. Indra holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Yale University, and she’s putting it into good use. She is currently in the midst of a five-year plan to cut cost by as much as $5 billion. Her air-tight plans are giving PepsiCo an edge over its direct competitor, Coca-Cola.

  1. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo 2015-09-10-1441858300-6881099-marissamayer.jpg

One of the country’s highest paid CEO’s, Mayer spent thirteen years at Google before joining Yahoo. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford University. Even though she has only been Yahoo’s CEO for three years, she has already implemented serious changes. We’re excited to see what she’ll come up with next.

No woman should ever be limited in her career because of her gender. Women can do anything men can, and these female CEOs prove just that. What is your dream job? Comment it down below!


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