We Are Revamping Project GirlSpire!

By Tina Lu


Hey Project GirlSpire readers! I’m Tina, the new Editor-in-Chief of this blog, and I’m so excited to start working on the Project GirlSpire site! My vision for this blog is quite simple – I want to empower females all over the world, starting with you, the readers. Beginning on Monday, February 15, the new GirlSpire team will post articles daily on these seven categories:

1. Celebrities Who Care: How Celebrities are Making a Stand for Women’s Rights and What They’re Saying About Feminism

2. Girls Around the World: How Girls Around the World are Taking Social Initiative and Making a Difference

3. #FeministFight: Feminist Campaigns and Updates on the Fight for Women’s Rights

4. Girl Professionals: Interviews with Successful Female Professionals, Especially in the STEM Industry

5. Girls in Pop Culture: Books, TV Shows, and Movies that Feature Strong Female Leads

6. Ur Beauty: Fashion and Beauty Tips to Help You Stay Confident and Be Beautiful From the Inside Out

7. Just For Fun: Contests, DIY’s, and Fun Girly Tips

I hope you are as excited about the new Project GirlSpire as we are! Comment down below on which category you’re looking most forward to reading!



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