10 Things That Must Happen in the Gilmore Girls Revival

By Sang Kromah

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We are 32 days into 2016, and much has happened. Donald Trump is actually a legitimate candidate in the race to the White House. Freeform’s Recovery Road is a show about the realities of addiction, and it’s currently the best series on the network formerly known as ABC Family. But nothing significant enough to compare to the news of a Gilmore Girls revival. Yes, I am aware, I am overdramatic, but why wouldn’t I be? I am the Gilmore Girls’ number one fan.

Since the show’s 2007 cancellation, many fans have written letters to the show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, written petitions, and started Facebook groups that discuss endlessly on who the ambitious and precocious Rory Gilmore should have ended up with (Team Jess all the way), Rory’s extensive reading list, how Lorelai and Luke Danes were cheated out of happiness because of April, and how Lorelai Gilmore was TV’s feminist savior, single-handedly raising a daughter, who any mother would have been grateful to call their own. So the fact that Netflix has ordered this revival, they have earned enough cool points to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (by my standards, of course).

In honor of the Gilmore Girls revival and because Sam Phillips–you know, the singer responsible for all the lalas on the show–posted this:Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.03.42 PM on Facebook today, I decided to do something fun. Here is my list of 10 things we’d all like to see in the revival:


  1. A Single Successful Rory Gilmore– Single Lorelai Jr. was always the better version of herself. Rory always had her ish together when there wasn’t a guy in the picture, because she always acted out of character when it came to guys. We want to see Rory as a world traveler, taking the news media world by storm, and offering her unique journalistic perspective. No Logan or Dean, but if anyone comes into picture, maybe someone new, but let’s be real, we all want it to be Jess. Jess wanted her to be herself. Remember when she dropped out of Yale, because Mitchum “Superman Chin” Huntzberger made her think she wasn’t good enough? It was Jess that talked some sense into her, and she went back to school, became Editor of the Yale Daily News–much to Paris Gellar’s chagrin–and after graduating, got a job as a journalist on President Obama’s campaign trail. Wouldn’t it be awesome if POTUS makes a cameo. Can we make it happen Netflix
  2. Lorelai and Luke Get Hitched– Maybe this should have been number one, but if the show’s creators had still been running the series during season seven, Lorelai would have never married Christopher, and she would have married Luke. So we’re hoping to see Lorelai and Luke together, and maybe married or planning a wedding, or maybe even pregnant with twins. 
  3. Paris Gellar Rules the World– Let’s be honest, a lot of people tuned in for Liza Weil. The petite force of nature was a force to be reckoned with, with her sharp tongue, and cut-throat wit. But there was more to Paris, even though she started off as Rory’s worthy, but brutal adversary, she became a loyal, life-long friend. She was girl power personified; strong, smart, and ambitious. We want to see her with a law degree and a medical degree, because, yes, the world believes that Paris Gellar could do it. We want her and Doyle to be together as well, even though Danny Strong is off being a successful writer and producer. They were awesome together…a true power couple. 
  4. Hep Alien on the Cover of Rolling Stone– Let’s be honest, we were all rooting for Lane’s band. They were awesome, and Sebastian Bach was on leader guitar. When Lane got pregnant with twins, the band literally died, and Zach’s awesomeness was seized by some other band that we didn’t care about. I’m quite sure I wasn’t the only one screaming NOOOOO at my TV. I’m all for family values and procreating, but Lane was always that awesome rebellious rocker chick and her being a stay at home mom, while her husband rocked out, just didn’t fly for me. I’d like to see Hep Alien become famous for their awesome YouTube videos and release an independent album that goes viral and land them on the cover of Rolling Stone. That was Lane’s dream.   
  5. Richard Gilmore Tribute– The loss of Edward Hermann was one felt around the world. He was the show’s patriarch, even though, Taylor Doose probably believed that was his role. With Amy Sherman-Palladino behind the show’s revival, I’m certain he will be honored in a way that will satisfy all fans. 
  6. Jess on the NYTimes Bestseller’s List– In terms of character growth, Jess Mariano, wins. From a misunderstood drop-out to writing and publishing a novel, to making things right with his family and Rory. He also, always wanted the best for her, so we want to see him succeed. And once again, he encouraged Rory to go back to Yale.
  7. Kirk and Lulu Get Back Together– I find myself replaying Kirk’s scenes about five times per episode. He is hilarious. In the dreaded season 7, Lulu, Kirk’s unbelievably tolerant girlfriend was simply written out. She was the only thing that made Kirk borderline normal. But I want to see Kirk move out of his mom’s house permanently, and start a business with Lulu. Remember this? 
  8. Sookie Replaces Gordon Ramsey– Melissa McCartney is one of the funniest women in the world, but if you’ve been a Gilmore Girl fan for the last 16-years, you’re well aware. If you aren’t hungry before watch Gilmore Girls, after watching Sookie’s kitchen scenes, you will be famished. I want to see Sookie with her own cooking show, and it can be filmed at the Dragon Fly. Sookie is a cooking genius and she is a boss in the kitchen. Gordon Ramsey, who? 
  9. Emily Goes Into Business– When we see Emily Gilmore next, she will be a widow. Although it will pain us to see the strong matriarch of the Gilmore clan alone and bereaved, I think starting a new chapter in her life is something she needs. Although an educated and worldly woman, Emily has never worked outside of her philanthropy and DAR-related activities. It will be nice to see Emily start a new chapter of her life by starting a business of her own. Lorelai could help her get started or maybe even go into business with her mom. We already know how well Emily manages a staff, so why not? 
  10. Mr. Kim Makes a Rare Appearance– For seven seasons we heard Lane refer to her parents, but we only ever saw one parent, the incomparable Mrs. Kim. So where is Mr. Kim? We want to see Mr. Kim! If not, we at least want divorce papers, Mrs. Kim. 

Think anything else should be added to the list? Comment below or tweet us! Also, we want to know what books Rory has been reading. Here’s a list of every book ever mentioned on Gilmore Girls. Which ones have you read?


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