So Worth Loving…

By Molly Lauryssens

loving 1

Eryn Erickson, 28, is owner and creator of So Worth Loving clothing line. The recording artist from Atlanta was looking to make some merchandise to help promote her band, Eddy. So what started as an offer to spray-paint T-shirts for free with the words “So Worth Loving” ended up turning into more. A lot more.

Eryn calls it a “lifestyle.” A lifestyle that has taken off with, er…a life of its own.

At first, Eryn did the free spray-painting for friends. That grew into friends of friends, and next thing she knew, her inbox was flooded with amazing stories. Some of those stories brought her to tears. That is when it occurred to Eryn that her concept is so much more than just a cheesy line of merch. It’s a new way of thinking and being!

loving 2

In this video Eryn tell her story, beautifully we might add!

Sometimes So Worth Loving is just a reminder to love yourself and others. Other times it might be someone learning for the first time that she is worthy of love. Who has not grappled with self-worth issues at some point in their lives? This is the company’s message to the world:

So Worth Loving is a community of passionate individuals. We exist to embrace your past and empower your future. We believe no matter your history, past mistakes, religion, career choice, or relationship status, you are worthy of love. We focus on living life through the lens of knowing you have value and you have worth.

Because fashion is the most iconic way to make a statement, we’ve sewn out hearts to the sleeves of apparel that dares you to live louder and love deeper. So whenever you wear a piece made by So Worth Loving, you are reminding the world of a message that we so often forget: You are valued. You are loved. You are worth fighting for.

Molly Lauryssens is an award-winning sports reporter. Be sure to check out her blog at

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