Best of 2015: The Year of the SHEro

By Ashley Begley

2015 is going down in history as the Year of the SHEro. And you’d better believe it—Project GirlSpire is all about the SHEro. Sure, Iron Man is pretty rad…but have you seen Supergirl lately? She’s funny, smart, and can kick butt with the best of them. So in honor of all the super-awesome superSHEroes who graced us with their presence this past year, here is a roundup of female superhero-inspired articles that appeared on…

Wham! Pow! Super(s)heroes Rule the World

Shero 1

This is your go-to article for all things superSHEroes. Want a SHEro costume? Got it! Need to update your reading list? Crack open I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest. You prefer a TV trance? Spend an evening binge-watching The Avengers because Black Widow is just that fierce.

DC Super Hero Girls Swoop Into Print

Shero 2

Check out deets about author Lisa Yee’s DC Super Hero Girls book series! DC Super Hero Girls #1: Wonder Woman at Super Hero High will be released in 2016, following Wonder Woman as she learns what it means to be a superSHEro. Mallory Loehr, of Random House publishers, says, “We all feel keenly the unique ability of these characters to empower young girls, inspiring them to take action and release their own super-powered potential.”

SuperSHEroes to the Rescue

Shero 4

MEDIAGIRLS, an organization that encourages young women to reject media’s message that their looks determine their worth and inspires girls to make over the media with empowering content, challenged girls to create characters who would not only save the day but that look more diverse than the overly sexualized characters that are typical of mainstream superheroes. Warning: Super inspirational art ahead! Proceed with joyous abandon.

Stay tuned for more SuperSHEroes (like the one and only Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) in the weeks ahead. It looks like 2016 will be just as SHEro-tastic!

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