Best of 2015: Inside-Out Beauty Countdown

By Kelly White

When we at ProjectGirlSpire set out to do a “Best of 2015” series, we thought it also fitting to round up the most popular articles of the year that appeared here on our website. So we poked around to figure out which features received the highest number of “likes,” and what we found is surprising….

As it turns out, all of the most well-liked articles on the site are from our Beauty Box section. What’s so cool about this is that our beauty-department features are not of your typical “get the perfect red pucker,” “don’t be caught dead without a pedi,” or “get a bikini body in ten days” variety.

Instead, we strive to run only beauty articles that predominantly focus on the beauty that comes from within. So here are our top ten beauty-related features that originally ran on in 2015, and in the spirit of the New Year, we’re running it as a countdown:

10. Cosmically Confident…and Cute to Boot!

Beauty 2

9. True Beauty and Your Wardrobe Essentials

Beauty 10

8. A Comically Short Beauty Feature

Beauty 11.jpg

7. The Naked Truth

Beauty 3

6. Beauty Ads: Trickster Consumerism or Positive Empowerment?

Beauty 4

5. Hair Coloring

Beauty 5

4. The Beauty of Forgiveness

Beauty 6

3. Instagram Star Essena O’Neill Gets Real

Beauty 7

2. Face It–You’re a Natural Beauty!

Beauty 8

1. Campaign to Make Up for Shady Cosmetics Practices

Beauty 9

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And don’t forget to tell us your favorite beauty feature….



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