No More New Year’s Resolutions!

By Katie Abbondanza


Your BFF is giving up bagels. Your sister is swearing off, well, swearing. And your mom is going to the gym every single day at 5:30 a.m. Ah, it’s that time—the annual quest for how to become the best-ever version of yourself. But here’s why you should toss that list of rezzies and instead slide into 2016 without the pressure to be perfect….

1. Nix the Quick Fix

Hear us out. When you point to what you’d like to fix about yourself, you’re secretly ignoring everything that’s already amazing in your world. By focusing on just, say, your thighs or the fact you haven’t organized your room since 2011, you forget what a great friend you are or how you can whip up the best chocolate pudding…from scratch! So rather than spending all that time zeroing in on what’s missing, consider all you do have right now. The holiday season is supposed to be about giving and gratitude, so adopt that spirit and extend it to yourself.

2. Say Yes to Less Stress

Your basketball coach wants you to work harder during sprints, and your parents are peeved about a so-so Spanish grade? If your to-do list is super long and you’re already trying your best, cut yourself some slack—because a 100-percent perfect year is totally unattainable. Spend your free time doing activities you’re excited about and that leave you feeling refreshed, not exhausted. Alphabetizing your bookcase and printing out those Instas can wait until spring break. Or never.

3. Beware of the Big Reveal

Studies show a whopping 88 percent of resolutions fizzle faster than a Snapchat. And science has discovered many times over that spilling your ambitions to others makes you less likely to actually put in the sweat to make them a reality. Why? Sounds crazy, but it’s what pros call “social reality”—your crew already praised your goal, so your mind acts like you’ve checked it off your list. We’re not saying you should keep every aspiration a secret, but there are better ways to approach the big stuff than by sharing them on the first of the year.

4. Borrowed Dreams Are Boring

The resolutions people most commonly declare tend to be more cookie-cutter than gingerbread. We should all call our grandmothers, write thank-you notes and treat our bodies with TLC. But, truth is, there’s no sense in aiming for something that doesn’t make your heart skip a beat. Let’s say your bestie has 1,001 reasons you should go all Paleo in ’16, but you can’t imagine a world without ice cream. Don’t feel pressured to jump on her dairy-free bandwagon. If you are committed to doing something different in the new year, make sure it’s something that will result in a truly better, more authentic you.

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Do tell…

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