Best-ever Chick Flicks You’ve Never Heard Of

By Kelly White

Yeah, movie buff, you have your all-time go-to flicks, the ones you like to watch again and again from your ever-dwindling DVD collection. But why not shake things up a little? Listed here are some lesser-known films recommended according to your classic faves. As far as where to rent or stream these movies…um, you’re on your own. Sorry. But we have faith you’ll track them down in a clearance bin at the discount store or even get lucky enough to catch one on a TV network channel—hey, it happens.

If you love Dirty Dancing (1987)…


Must-see: Shag (1989)

chick 2

OK, admittedly Shag doesn’t come close to killing it on the dance floor compared to Dirty Dancing (and, btw, “Baby” actress Jennifer Grey, all grown up, took the championship trophy on TV’s Dancing With the Stars in 2010). But Shag has just as much romance and a whole lot more LOL comedic moments—more flirty than dirty. Watch the Shag trailer here.

If you love Legally Blonde (2001)…

chick 3

Must-see: Dick (1999)

chick 4

It helps to know the basics of the Watergate political scandal of the ’70s to really get the humor in this clever film, so if you’ve been paying attention in American history class you’ll get a real kick out of Dick. If not, you’ll love it anyway for its retro vibe and BFF energy. And just as in Legally Blonde, sometimes it takes a smart girl (or two) to play dumb. Watch the Dick trailer here.

If you love Uptown Girls (2003)…

chick 5

Must-see: Mermaids (1990)

chick 6

Uptown Girls is perky while Mermaids is more quirky, but both movies offer up tons of fun and whimsy. Mermaids dips into some exquisite dark-humor moments, notably around Winona Ryder’s role as a teenage Catholic-obsessed melodrama queen. A 9-year-old Christina Ricci plays her little sis, and Cher is their over-the-top free-spirited single mom who likes to serve snacks for dinner. Marshmallow kabobs, anyone? Watch the Mermaids trailer here.

If you love Mean Girls (2004)…

chick 7

Must-see: All I Wanna Do (1998)

chick 8

If you haven’t heard of this one, it’s no wonder since it’s the movie with three titles. It was released in some theaters as All I Wanna Do, others as Strike! and still others as The Hairy Bird. The way we see it, it was a marketing mistake that likely kept this movie from really making its mark. A girl’s gotta recognize a movie title, right? Branding, duh. Mean Girls has great name recognition, but Strike! has Kirsten Dunst (who’s also in Dick, see above). Watch the All I Wanna Do trailer here.

If you love The Notebook (2004)…

chick 9

Must-see: The Man in the Moon (1991)

chick 10

Whether it’s The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, The Last Song, The Longest Ride, or The Best of Me, you’re a sucker for Nicholas Sparks books-based movies? Obviously the sappy romance novelist’s formula has a way of plucking at people’s feelings, for sure, but if you really want to sink your soul into an emotional tale of first love, see Reese Witherspoon in her first-ever film role at age 14. Eat your heart out, Sparks. Watch The Man in the Moon trailer here.

What’s your favorite chick flick nobody else has ever heard of? We’d love to know! Please share, right here…


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