The Beauty of Gratitude

By Brittany Taylor

Happy Thanksgiving! Not really feelin’ the season yet? No sweat. Here are five ways to get you in the attitude of gratitude…right now.

1. Read The Giving Tree.

Grateful 1

Remember this Shel Silverstein classic? Pluck the green cover from a shelf and give it a good re-read. The lessons it supplies about take-take-taking without giving anything in return apply to everyone, not just tots.

2. Send thank-you notes.

Grateful 2

Nothing says gratitude like a handwritten thank-you note, and there’s no rule that says you can only send one when you receive a gift. Parents, coaches, teachers, your BFF’s awesome mom—everyone likes to be told you appreciate their help and kindness.

3. Do your parents a solid.

Grateful 3

Mom and Dad are fix-it superheroes, right? You go to them for anything and everything. This Thanksgiving, take a stroll in your ‘rents shoes. Pick up the household tasks they usually do and give them a break, or do something super sweet and unexpected, like baking Dad’s fave cookies or offering to give Mom a mani.

4. Offer up kind words.

Grateful 4

How many genuinely nice things do you say to the people you know each day? If you can’t even remember the last time you doled out a compliment, pick a day and find something nice to say to everyone you know. Tell your teacher you really like her cute new haircut or your BFF that her free throw totally rocks or happily greet the new kid in homeroom. Before you know it, dishing out kindness will become a habit.

5. Go do good.

Grateful 5

Nothing makes you more thankful for what you have than raising money or volunteering for a good cause. Lend a hand at a local food kitchen, volunteer at a senior center, or plant a tree on barren land. Thank you….

What are you doing to get into the grateful groove? Tell us below.

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