Hair Coloring

By Andrea Pippins


In 2008, during my time in graduate school, I created I Love My Hair for a design thesis project. Originally a social campaign to encourage black women to love and embrace their naturally coily hair, I Love My Hair morphed into a collection of limited-edition and digital prints that celebrate those special coils. Little did I know this concept would continue to evolve into a book…

Hair 2

Filled with intricate details, funky lettering, and doodles waiting to be embellished by you, I Love My Hair is a coloring book that celebrates my love for black hair with diverse styles and textures, and also represents my passion to empower all women and girls to love themselves.

The opportunity to work on this project came a few months after I resigned from my full-time faculty position. Without much of a plan and with little savings, I decided to seriously pursue my dream to work full-time as an artist and illustrator.

hair 3

I strongly believe I Love My Hair happened because I took that leap of faith. So my book is not only about fun coloring and self-love but also about living my dream.

hair 4

I Love My Hair is on sale now. Go to for purchase info.

Would you rather be coloring your hair or coloring in a book? Tell us in the comments section below!


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