Girl Crush: Inventor Fatima Al Kaabi

By Sierra Bamiro


I haven’t been 13 years old in a certain amount of years, but Fatima Al Kaabi is accomplishing more at that age than many adults. She holds the title of youngest inventor in the United Arab Emirates, and her resume is padded with numerous awards, including a first-place ranking in the UAE Robot Olympics.

Most recently, Fatima is garnering attention for inventing a solar bag that can be used to power electronic devices in remote locations. The idea came about when she was visiting the desert with her family and was unable to charge her cell phone. She realized this might be detrimental to hikers who could find themselves in situations in which cellies are crucial.

Fatima 2

A solar-powering device is not the only thing Fatima has invented. She also conceptualized a Braille printer that is lighter and cheaper than others on the market, an electronic belt for the hearing-impaired, and multiple robots that perform different functions, such as taking photos and even cheerleading.

Fatima 3

We say “rah-rah!” to Fatima, who shares her insights with her peers, touring over a hundred schools to share how she’s overcoming challenges obtaining patents as a youth.

Watch her here: TEDx Youth: Are Ideas Limited?

Fatima Al Kaabi is a great example of a girl who isn’t waiting to achieve her dreams, and we hope she inspires you.


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