Don’t answer to a name that is not your own,

Nor should you condone the injustice

Of your heart being torn in two pieces of nothingness, and loathing.

The streets should be a safe place but they have become a war zone.

The cacophony of jeers and tirades keeps the heart in a state of panic.

The inward mantras of positivity are crushed by sexism

And other forms of debauchery.

There is nowhere to hide

There is no one to help.

The passerby sees something, but says nothing!

Is it normal for a woman to be seen as an object instead of a person?

Is it normal for a woman to be seen as tolerant,

and made to smile because she was told to?

Is she a mute species that doesn’t have a voice or a will to fight?

Fight for freedom and help those who are too frightened to fight back.

The next generation must see the strength of woman and copy and repeat.

Things can only change when women rise to meet the challenge before them.

Women were made to speak not to be silenced by things that they were made to change.


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