Maximum Ride Series

James Patterson is known for his adult books. These books exhibit intense action and suspense. Patterson also weaves his form of magic in his young adult books, they have those exact same characteristics as well. One such series that will be sure to blow you away is the Maximum Ride Series. It features an array of interesting characters. The leader is a young girl named Maximum. Her crew is Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Angel and Gassy or (Gasman). Yes, you did read that correct he is named Gasman for a reason. More about that later.

Maximum and her flock were experimented on and now are only 98 percent human. They carry the DNA of birds or avian as well. This helps them have incredible strength, speed, and agility. They can also fly. The best parts of the book is when Patterson writes about how they fly. As the reader you can feel the wind on your wings as you dive and soar among the clouds. This series is full of action, romance, injustice, and empowerment. Now it’s time for Maximum to speak for herself:

Oh, my god, I was flying-just like I’d always dreamed.


The cliff floor, draped in shadow, receded beneath me. I laughed and surged upward, feeling the pull of my muscles, the air whistling through my secondary feathers, the breeze drying the sweat on my face.


I soared up past the cliff edge, past the startled hounds and the furious Erasers.


One of them, hairy-faced, fangs dripping, raised his gun. A red dot of light appeared on my torn nightgown. Not today, you jerk, I thought, veering sharply west so the sun would be in his hate-crazed eyes.


I’m not going to die today.

                                                                                                            Patterson- 2


The series has a total of nine books. The books are never boring or mundane. Maximum and her flock want to help other kids, and stop kids from being hurt. They also fight injustice around the world. In the first book the Maximum Ride: the Angel experiment, Maximum and her flock must save Angel, she was kidnapped and sent back to the school. The school is the place that they were made into bird kids.

Their plans are thwarted by the erasers. The Erasers are half wolf- half human kids. Many of the Erasers can fly as well. The book has tons of fighting. Maximum must get her flock, or family back together at all cost. They are not related by blood, but share a bond, or connection that knows no boundaries. She is the leader for a reason because she knows how to lead, when to attack and when to try another way.

 All of the kids have unique gifts. Maximum can fly over 300 miles per hour. Her speed helps her when she is fighting against the enemy. Fang has the ability to disappear or blend into his surroundings. He can also breathe underwater. Iggy is blind but his hearing is impeccable. He has helped them escape from the enemy on many occasions because of his gift. He sees colors as well. Nudge is incredibly smart, she can hack into any computer and can attract metal to her. The gazman or (gassy) can make bombs, and can let out bombs of his own if you know what I mean lol. Angel is telepathic and can control others. She can also change her appearance.

Maximum Ride is a book to be enjoyed by all. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Even though the books are targeted for a young adult audience, many adults read the series as with many young adult books are these days. Maximum is a character that sticks with you because she is strong and tough yet loving and nurturing to her family.

This series will leave you on the edge of your seat so get ready for some action, and a romance story that will pull at your heart strings.  If you want to know more just read and find out. The latest book Maximum Ride forever is out now but with all series, it is best to start at the beginning.


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