Thank you mom

Mother’s day is almost here and I am very excited. I love showing love and adoration to my mother.  I believe that mother’s day shouldn’t be the only day that kids show their love to their mom’s. Over the years my mom has sacrificed so much for me and my family. She nursed me and my siblings when we were sick, and she was there to offer support when we had questions about life. Life would have turned out completely different for me; if my mom hadn’t been there to help me realize my dreams.

 My mom showed me how it is better to give to people and show love to those who are unfortunate. Our home was always open to those who were hungry. My mom hated to see others be without nourishment.  She could inspire others just by being present, and by showing mercy to those who felt condemned and lost.

I know so many people have endless stories of how their mom’s helped them in ways that changed their lives. Mother’s deserve to be appreciated and respected every day!  Why not tell your mom you love her every day? Why not cook for your mom? Why not shower her with gifts?

 She deserves it don’t you think? Through tough love and discipline mom’s corrected behavior that would have hurt us later on in life. It is as if mothers are seers who see the future before us, and stop things from happening that may alter or stop our destinies. Mother’s day is a day that is all about love. What are you doing for your mom on her special day? Every day she is alive is a special day to all.


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