Watch Lena Dunham’s New Short Film on Politics & Girl Power!

By: Sang Kromah

Go Lena!

On TV, Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah on HBO’s Girls is this generation’s painfully real answer to Carrie Bradshaw. Though she has her cringeworthy moments that many of us have had ourselves, but would never admit it to another living soul, she’s unapologetically herself, which is what we all should aspire to be. Though Hannah is still finding her way and trying to discover who she is on the series, in real life, Lena Dunham is already a boss, who has direction, and a voice that must be heard.

In her latest directorial endeavor, Dunham collaborates with designer, Rachel Antonoff in a short film that revolves around


female empowerment in politics. The film stars Ruby Sparks‘ actress, Zoe Kazan, as a young girl who partakes in her first small town election, where she faces gender bias. Let’s just be real about what exactly’s going on in this little town, people are attempting to discourage her, because she’s a girl (which we all know is a major plus). Zoe then has a dream that she’s the first female president of the United States.

The film is an awesome ad for Antonoff’s “& Other Stories” collection, an since we all know Dunham is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, it can also be interpreted as a “We Got This!” ode to #ReadyForHillary as well. Whatever you want to call it, it’s awesome!


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