Touch is the name of the novel by Claire North. The main character Kepler is able to touch a person and become them. Kepler can assume the body and identity of that person. Kepler has no race or gender. The beginning of the novel pulls you in with its action packed monologue and dialogue, as well as short chapters. A murder is committed and Kepler has to find the killer and stop them.

Someone is after Kepler and knows the ability that Kepler has. Former hosts that Kepler inhabited are being targeted as well.  With one touch Kepler is now the person that it has pursued.   Kepler jumps from body to body from consciousness to consciousness

My fingers closed round his ankles, and I jumped slipping into his skin without a sound. A moment of uncertainty. I had been woman; now I was man old and frightened. But my legs were strong, and my lungs were deep, and if I had doubted either I wouldn’t have made the move.

(North, 2)

I was drawn to this book because Kepler can become anyone and be any gender. I can’t give anymore away because I just started reading this; but I am completely enthralled by this book. Claire North is a great author. Touch is part fantasy and murder mystery. It reminds me of one of my favorite X men characters, Mystique. She is a shape shifter.  She too can become anyone, and any gender. Give Touch a chance you won’t be disappointed.


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