Beauty and the Beast

There will always be outside forces

Trying to separate our entangled arms.

They don’t know what we have been through

Our love will survive every hardship

We are made to love one another

When our hands find themselves around each other

I then know that I am not dreaming.

You have saved me

I have healed and saved you

We don’t have to hide our love anymore

You are all that I want and need.

Must I say it forever to you?

Until you realize what I have

Known since day one.

You will be forever who and

What I want to wake up to

And who I want to kiss

And share my dreams

And fears with.

I still remember

When you saved me

I thought I was afraid

But I wasn’t.

I was shocked

That anyone would want to save me

You made me feel that I was worth saving.

I won’t ever leave you this time.

I don’t do normal, I don’t do traditional.

I just want to live life with you Vincent Keller.

Wherever the road rises to meet up.

We will walk hand in hand.

Hearts bounds by love and triumph.


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